A family owned business in Hoboken, NJ, we have been producing high-end custom furniture since 1987.

Objects of Art

We work with architects and designers in the New York area building residential furniture and objects of art, as well as limited architectural interiors.

Unusual Projects

We welcome the difficult and unusual projects others may turn away. We understand the importance of a good a open working relationship with our professional clients as an essential component for a projects positive resolution.


Chair reproduction is one of our specialties and we often build limited runs from eight to twenty. Structurally as good if not better than the origional, but often we are asked to vary (or tweak) the material, dimention or texture.

In recent years the demand for surface treatments has increased. We have developed many methods of texture and color from variations in sand blasting and cerusing to metallic epoxy inlays and carving.


During a recent renovation of the Philadelphia Academy of Music, circa 1856, five of the original roof trusses were removed. MossFauset furniture maker, Kalle Fauset acquired all of the beams.

Judging from the growth rings, these virgin timbers of white pine and white oak were close to 200 years old when felled in the mid 19th century for use on the building. We were impressed with the quality of the wood and intrigued with the thought that these timbers were in place for such great composers as Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Stravinsky and Rachmaninoff to Gershwin.

In 2003, Fauset along with fellow furnituremaker, Thomas Hucker, we're asked to do a two man show at the Wexler Galley in Philadelphia using only this wood.